Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Powers of Attorney In Depth

Powers of Attorney (Revised Code of Washington 11.94)

Why everyone needs powers of attorney.

      Powers of Attorney apply while you are alive, and die with you.  There are two types: finances and health.  You, as the principal, can appoint an agent for finances and different agents for health care if you wish.  Doing so decreases the possibility of a need for a guardianship proceeding or court intervention regarding your health care. An arrangement in which a person legally appoints another to act on his or her behalf is a principal-agent relationship; the agent should not have a conflict of interest in carrying out acts on behalf of the principal.


     A financial power of attorney allows someone you trust (your agent) to handle financial matters for you.  Between spouses, this power is often effective immediately and is a convenience for one spouse to be able to sign for both.  An alternate agent for finances can decrease the likelihood of a contested guardianship proceeding in the even that you are incapacitated for a period of time.


      A medical power of attorney allows someone you trust (your agent) to communicate with doctors, nurses, and other medical care providers about your care.  It also authorizes your agent to sign consent forms for you when you are unable to do so for yourself, it it is what your agent believes you would want under the circumstances.

      I will register your medical power of attorney for you (along with your living will) through the US Living Will Registry. 
You will receive a card for your wallet with your agent's telephone number on it.  The card will have a code so that your documents can be accessed online.

      Below is a form to complete and bring with you when we meet, so that I can put your health care documents in the Registry for you.

(Active) - US Living Will Registration Form.pdf
62.0 KB

       Also below, is a copy of my card.  Click the link below to access my health care documents.  Enter "US Living Will Registry" as the source; Enter US0000065583 as the Registration Number.  Click on Durable Power of Attorney and Advance Directive to see copies of my documents.

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