Friday, January 16, 2015

Credit Counseling


Credit Counseling Course

Online credit counseling is required prior to filing for bankruptcy.  Click the link below (or copy and paste) to create an account to do the credit counseling course:  After you have created an account, you will be presented with 2 options; option 1 is to pay by credit card, and option 2 is to use attorney code mulvaney425cc for MULVANEY LAW OFFICES, PLLC to ensure that the $10 course fee is billed to me, and that I receive your certificate by email.  After your complete the course, you will receive the following message with which to comply before you get your certificate: "By law, to get your certificate you must call 1 (800) 610-3920 (press option 7) during business hours of Monday – Friday 9am to 9pm EST and speak with a counselor. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR CERTIFICATE UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THIS STEP". 

The certificate is valid for 180 days; if not used by then, the course must be repeated.  Another credit counseling certificate is required if your case is converted or if you dismiss and refile.  Pay particular attention to your budget because that information is useful in preparing your petition.  You must be logged into the online course for 90 minutes to receive a certificate.  

  If you do not obtain a credit counseling certificate, then your case will be dismissed and closed. It costs $500 to re-open your case to receive a discharge. The above information is provided as a courtesy to make obtaining the certificates easier for debtors; Debtors are ultimately responsible for making sure the credit counseling certificate is obtained on time.  Attached are instructions, disclosures, and materials for the course.

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