Friday, January 16, 2015

Importance of Honesty In Bankruptcy

Above is a photo of the warning sign that hangs on the wall outside the room in which 341 meetings are held in Seattle.  Please read it, and heed it.  I assure you that this warning from me is far more friendly than being questioned by the US Trustee, the US Attorney, the FBI, or the IRS.

Above is the seal that hangs on the wall behind the Trustee in Room 4107 where 341 meetings are held.  The Latin quote means:  "Who Prosecutes on Behalf of Lady Justice."  The Department of Justice oversees the United States Trustee Program.  The US Trustee is the superior of the Interim Trustee who takes your testimony at the 341 meeting.

Most debtors do not appreciate the seriousness of filing an inaccurate bankruptcy petition under penalty of perjury.  Debtors can have their discharge denied, or even revoked after it is entered in extreme cases.  Debtors can also be criminally prosecuted.  In extreme cases, Debtors could go to Federal Prison and still owe their debts when they get out.

Above is the seal that hangs behind the Bankruptcy Judge in Bankruptcy Court.  Hopefully, you will never see it.  If you do, it means there is a dispute in your case that is being argued.  When you testify at the 341 meeting, your testimony has the same legal consequences as if you had given it in Court, to the Bankruptcy Judge with the seal hanging behind the Judge.

I present these warnings to you so that you will appreciate the vital importance of honesty in the bankruptcy process.  Report all assets, transfers, income, debts and all other information requested on the petition completely and accurately. 

Bankruptcy provides relief for honest debtors.  If you are not honest, then you are not entitled to the relief you are seeking - the discharge, and the full force of the United States of America in all of its relevant branches can come down upon you. 

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