Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Estate Planning In Depth

Wills (Revised Code of Washington 11.12)


The appointment to execute the documents takes 45 minutes to an hour depending upon questions.  If you  make a list of your questions to ask at the appointment rather than emailing them in advance, the process will be much smoother.

If you give me the names of your spouse and children, if applicable, and the names of two people you trust, then I can prepare a draft for review.  Do not be concerned at all if you are not sure or you haven't asked the person if they will do the job.  Those things are completely irrelevant to preparation of the draft and will all be resolved later in the process.

The draft is important because it allows you to read your proposed instructions with then names of proposed administrators to distribute to beneficiaries.  People find seeing their proposed wishes and administrators in writing clarifying of their wishes which is the purpose of estate planning.

Before I went to law school I was a reporter.  I found that one of the best ways to get information was to say something that was close, but just a little bit wrong.  My sources were more than happy to correct me.  The same applies for estate planning.  If you let me prepare a draft, then you will be happy to tell me what is wrong with it.  Where as if I ask you the questions directly, you will be much more hesitant and likely have a lot of questions before answering that will be answered by reading the draft.  I hope that helps.

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