Saturday, January 17, 2015


Clients often want to know how much I charge for a particular service.  This is a much more complicated question than clients realize, and it cannot be answered well in the absence of any information about the client.  Having said that, below are templates of legal services agreements that I hope will assist clients in answering this frequently asked question.

Client must shift as much of the cost of paying for bankruptcy on to creditors as possible by using funds saved by ceasing payments to creditors. Most bankruptcy Clients have already wasted many times the cost of their bankruptcy before they even consult a lawyer.  It is this waste that must stop in order for the Client to spend money on themselves on something that will make an enormous difference in Client's life rather than throwing away money in a futile attempt to pay creditors.  Clients should cease voluntary retirement contributions to pay for bankruptcy if necessary, and then add the contribution amount to any retirement loan repayment if applicable. 

I am not the cheapest lawyer and I am not the most expensive.  Where I am aiming is for the sweet spot of value, which is the most "bang for the buck" where quality and price are optimized.
My goal is that whatever you pay for my services, you end up feeling that it was well worth spending the money and you would have paid more.

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